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Demand slows nursing home’s transformation
September 13, 2001
Modifications that will convert the abandoned Cedar Grove Nursing Home into Hillside Village will be delayed, but the man behind that project said that is a good thing.
Large roster could pay off for MVHS cross-country
Coach thinks 14 boys and 10 girls could give other teams a run for their money
September 13, 2001
Mill Valley High School’s cross country coach, Mark Chipman, has never had this many boys on any of his cross country teams and he’s loving it.
Teacher leaves job by the court to work in the trenches
September 13, 2001
Michael Sullivan has no regrets about leaving his job with the Dallas Mavericks to teach journalism at De Soto High School. In fact he has decided to build a home with his wife in the district.
Wilson busts out in state preview race
September 13, 2001
In what coach Chris McAfee considers a preview of the Kansas 4A State Cross Country Championships, Laurie Wilson ran a great race at the Wamego Invitational last Saturday on the state meet course in Wamego.
Wildcat volleyball team’s struggles continue
September 13, 2001
Though De Soto’s girl’s volleyball team continues to struggle, they have started to show flashes of possibly turning things around.
Jaguars outlast Wildcats
September 13, 2001
In its attempt to knock off arch-rival Mill Valley, De Soto was hoping to find some offensive support for sophomore forward Jesse Smith.
Some grand appreciation
September 13, 2001
Fourth-grade students at Mize Elementary showed their appreciation for their grandparents with a special presentation before school’s end last Friday.
Burning Tree special use permit approved, Anderson proposes new annexation policy
September 13, 2001
De Soto City Council members finally came to complete agreement on the annexation of Burning Tree Golf Course when they approved a special use permit regulating the facilities operation last Thursday.
Developers protest city’s timing of new utility connection fees
September 13, 2001
The De Soto City Council delayed implementing higher fees for new sewer and water connections last Thursday after two developers said the added cost would undermine ongoing projects.
Honor the beef industry
It’s more than just for dinner
September 13, 2001
All of the attention being paid to the Cow Parade stirs me to respond. Art is fine, and I appreciate it. But I remember when Kansas City had real live cows by the thousands in our stockyards. All of our packinghouses were operating and prosperous and it was a busy city. People did not like the odors and pollution, so we lost our packing plants and stockyards and along with them, thousands of jobs. Kansas City was a real Cow Town.
We can choose how we deal with terror
September 13, 2001
Now, as never before: rally ‘round the flag, De Soto. Adjectives used by the media are piling up. They include horrifying, devastating, unexplainable, horrid, awful and many more. But words can’t describe the events of the past two days. The pictures we’ve all seen will be burned forever as a memory of what life in America was like the moment it changed. We’ll forever be more cautious, more frightened and God willing, more protected. The path our country takes, whether it be war or strategic strikes, will never make us feel better about what happened.
Melanie S. Oliver
September 13, 2001
Middle schools lead district in state tests
September 13, 2001
Both De Soto school district middle schools attained a standard of excellence on Kansas assessment tests released earlier this month.
Rules for computers become fourth R of Starside education
September 13, 2001
In the Starside Elementary computer lab last Friday, first-graders Samantha Mills and Robbi Lycan navigated a computer mouse through an educational computer program called Sammy’s Science House.
Two arrests made in Oliver slaying
Search continues for third man
September 13, 2001
Two Wyandotte County men have been charged in the Sept. 4 murder of Melanie Sue Oliver.
Meiners’ offers refunds for Tuesday’s gas hike
September 13, 2001
The chaos and confusion of the nation’s worst terrorist attack came home to the streets of De Soto Tuesday afternoon as residents sought to fill gas tanks amid fears the day’s horrible events would lead to a gas shortage.
Kaws hand flat Jags first loss
Daylong weather delay doesn’t help MVHS
September 13, 2001
What a difference a week makes.
Santa Fe Trail uses big plays to top Wildcats
September 13, 2001
De Soto strolled into Santa Fe Trail last Friday hot off their win over Lansing two weeks ago with hopes of building a new winning streak.
De Soto history/Exploring the past
September 13, 2001
Terror strikes home
De Soto copes with terrorist attacks
September 13, 2001
The scene in the De Soto Senior Center Tuesday wasn’t unlike many others throughout the nation as people gathered around televisions and radios for the latest information on the morning’s unprecedented terrorist attacks.