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USD 232 registers 11-percent growth

October 4, 2001

Enrollment figures the district shared with the state last week indicate the district grew by 11.4 percent from last year.

The state of Kansas distributes state per pupil aid based on Sept. 20 enrollment. To do so, the state doesn't use actual head counts, but a so-called full-time equivalent figure that counts kindergarten students at 50 percent and credits part-time students based on the percentage of their daily attendance.

Deputy superintendent Sharon Zoellner said the district's full-time equivalent enrollment was 3,466.74, an increase of 355 from last September. The district had estimated an increase of 350 students. The numbers will become official following a state audit in December, she said.

"We were pretty close," she said. "It's something we work hard at."

The district needs to have good estimates because administrators develops the budget for the school year ahead before they have official enrollment figures. The process is made trickier because the state formula gives added dollars to the per-pupil base of $3,870 for at-risk, vocational and non-English language speaking students. Those attending classes in newly added classrooms are also counted extra.

That district appears to have picked up more at-risk and vocational students than anticipated, Zoellner said. That means it will have to republish its budget late next spring despite its close forecast, she said.

The new enrollment figures extended a trend of double-digit growth. They also reveal that trend is likely to continue.

Kindergarten is the district's largest class with a head count of 331 students, while the senior class, the district's smallest, has 215 students. That, too, it a continuation of a trend. The district has 315 first-graders, 300 second-graders and 320 third-graders, compared to 232 juniors, 278 sophomores and 251 freshmen.

Head count enrollment by building is:

Elementary schools Clear Creek, 565, Mize, 450, Woodsonia, 376, and Starside, 491

Middle schools Lexington Trails, 290, and Monticello Trails, 501.

High schools De Soto High School, 369, and Mill Valley, 609.

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