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School attendance numbers mean special busing

October 4, 2001

The final school attendance numbers are in and for some district departments that will mean changes. Director of Special Services Joe Vitt received approval from the school board Monday night to provide special busing for at-risk English as a second language preschool students.

Vitt originally introduced the busing need for these groups at a school board meeting in early September, but the board decided to wait to approve the addition until the final head count was completed.

The funds, totaling $7,557.80, will be used to provide proper busing for 16 children in these groups. That total also includes the district hiring an aid to monitor the bus riders, so the driver can focus on driving.

Some board members asked Vitt if an aid was necessary. He recommended an aid be part of the package to maintain safety.

"It kind of depends on the kids, but I think in most cases an aid would be helpful," Vitt said.

The money has been approved to cover the more than 100 days remaining in the school year. After this trial period, continuation of the system will be contingent on an evaluation at the end of the school year to assess the future need of this particular busing.

"We're under no obligation to continue it if it doesn't work," Vitt said.

Vitt said he thought the expense was well worth it though because it was cost effective and a good way to maintain the safety of the students.

"The cost now could save the district from future expenses," he said. "And it's just safe."

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