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Odor causing a stink at Woodsonia

October 4, 2001

At Monday night's School board meeting members discussed what was referred to as the "odor issue" at Woodsonia Elementary. But the community will have to wait two weeks to find out what that odor is.

A Johnson County environmental group is in the process of running tests to determine the source of the foul scent.

Board member Jim Thomas said he had heard plenty of complaints and concerns from parents regarding the unknown odor, especially since he said some of them wondered if it had anything to do with the substantial number of students who had been ill lately.

Woodsonia Principal Cathy Grube said she didn't know what the source of the problem was, but she had noticed many children sick so she informed the board that janitors were instructed to spray everything down with disinfectant spray twice a day to keep germs from spreading.

Board members were assured that the odor coming from the south end of the building was unrelated. Some speculated that the odor might be related to sewage.

Others thought the problem might be related to mold, a common problem this time of year. Whatever the source, most agreed the smell was highly disagreeable.

Board President Curtis Allenbrand said he thought the odor was noticeable now because of the lack of wind.

"It's just unseasonably not windy right now and when the air just lays there, well, it smells," Allenbrand said.

Grube told the board that there had been some relief from the smell though.

"We've gone two whole days without that smell," Grube said.

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