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Not quite ready to move on

May 10, 2001

By Clyde Sanders

I have read in the paper and heard it stated that the election is over and it is now the time to get on with the City's business. I am not quite ready to forget.

Like most of the voters in De Soto, on April 2, 2001, I received a mailer that contained many untrue statements. This was mailed on behalf of mayoral candidate Dave Anderson, and carried the warning that our quality of life and our property values would be threatened if Dave Anderson was not elected our mayor. I will have to give credit where credit is due as this was perfectly timed so that no response could be given.

Since this was the only negative campaign mailer I had received, I confronted Dave Anderson and asked if he had had anything to do with this mailer. He denied being the author and not aware of it's content, but did admit that his supporters presented a copy of the mailer to him while they were in the process of mailing them out. It is a shame and I feel that Dave's supporters did him a disservice when a document like this one, with many untruthful statements, is mailed out in his name.

Mayor Steve Prudden took exception to the mailer at the April 19 city council meeting. A subsequent article in the April 27 De Soto Explorer on Prudden's administration did not address the untrue statements contained in the mailer.

I understand that the principal author of this mailer is a gentleman who lives south of town, with an interest in a rural water district and cannot vote in our city elections, as he does not live within city limits. I would like to address the misrepresentations and lies that are contained in this mailer but they are so numerous it would take a great deal of newsprint to do so.

I believe the new mayor was truthful when he told me that he not have anything to do with the content of this mailer.

I would like to have seen him make a public comment concerning this mailing at his first council meeting, but he failed to do so. Remember he was chairman of the planning commission during the past three years and a member for several years before that. He was also a part of the process. I do not see him as a new face at city hall.

After running for office myself, l became aware of the special interest groups from within our city and the interest groups from outside our city, who appear to have influence on our voters.

I believe it is now time to elect our council by precinct and maybe add a council person or two.

We are now the size that we could become a Second Class City that would require this. Also, we could still do this and remain a Third Class City. This would put representation closer to your own neighborhood, which would be more in tune with your interest.

If our mayor and city council are not interested in making this change, I intend to investigate the possibility and perhaps form a committee to further this effort. We need to combat those interests from outside our city who have their own interest that are against our city.

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