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Conserving water is in everyone’s best interest


May 10, 2001

Given the harshness of this winter, De Soto city officials may be the only ones not happy to see summer arrive this year.

Sure, they love the warm weather and the green trees and grass as much as anyone, but they no doubt dread the city's inevitable water shortage.

As they work on a long-term solution, residents can make their jobs a little easier and delay or eliminate the need for mandatory water rationing.

According to a Web site posted by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, six to seven gallons of water goes swirling down the drain every time you flush the toilet. Multiply that by the number of flushes a day in De Soto and we're talking about a lot of water.

Why not put a brick or a gallon jug filled with water or sand in the back of your tank to displace a gallon of water every time you flush?

Don't flush unnecessarily. Tissues, dead bugs, etc. can go in the trash instead of down the drain.

Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. You will save an average of two gallons of water every time you do. Do the same when washing your hands.

Run your dishwasher and washing machines only when they are full. Save water from baths for watering the garden. Leave a bucket under storm drains. That water can also be used to water plants and flowers.

Keep drinking water in the refrigerator so you don't waste water waiting for it cool from the tap.

Try these things for a month. You'll see a difference on your water bill and will not only be saving the city's water, but your money.

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