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Help support DeSoto’s Cinco de Mayo celebration


March 1, 2001

DeSoto's Cinco de Mayo committee is back at work.

The people who brought us the city's first Cinco de Mayo celebration last year are busy planning for this year's event.

For those who missed it, last year's festival began with a parade down 83rd Street.

Following the parade, revelers and parade participants marched their way toward the community center for an afternoon of traditional Mexican festivities including music, games and dancing.

Vendors sold authentic Mexican food, including tamales, tacos, enchiladas and burritos.

As the adults enjoyed the music and the food, the children took turns breaking pinatas and scrambling for the falling candy.

The event was one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the area and attracted people from around the Kansas City area.

Duke Neeland, one of the coordinators, said the event was organized to welcome the city's new Hispanic population and to give residents a taste of Mexican culture. The group accomplished that goal and now has the chance to build on its success.

We hope those who enjoyed last year's event will lend their support to this year's effort. For those who missed it last year, we hope you will take the opportunity to get involved this year.

As DeSoto continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for its residents to come together and celebrate their similarities and their differences.

Committee members recently sent letters to area business leaders, asking for their financial support. We urge everyone to pitch in and make this year's Cinco de Mayo celebration a success.

Local leaders often speak of the need to promote DeSoto in a positive light. The Cinco de Mayo celebration, along with the Watermelon Festival and Railroad Days, provides an ideal opportunity to show neighboring communities what DeSoto is all about.

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