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June 28, 2001

Just last week, the Fort Dodge Animal Health Company released a revolution a product aimed at preventing heartworm disease in dogs through an injection that lasts six months at a time. This is great news for all canines and their owners. Read on for the straight "poop" on this new drug.

Proheart-6, sustained release injection for dogs for the prevention of heartworms and the treatment of adult and larval forms of hookworm, is to be used for dogs, both male and female, spayed or neutered, over the age of six months who are healthy and not seriously overweight. This parasiticide, Moxidectin, is safe in dogs who have existing heartworm infections, safe for collies (including border, shelties and standard collies sensitive to ivermectin), safe for breeding animals and pregnant animals and has been found safe up to five times the normal dose. If you are using once-a-month prescriptions for heartworm, it is recommended to begin Proheart-6 one month after discontinuing the current drug. The dosage is established by the weight of the dog, one injection is administered under the skin in the neck toward the shoulder blades. Very few reactions have occurred prior to injection and casualties have not been a concern.

In a previous article, we discussed the dangers of heartworm disease in dogs (and cats) and the absolute existence of heartworm in the De Soto area. This new way to prevent your precious friend's life and vitality seems like a "no-brainer." Let's take Proheart-6 proactively and ask your veterinarian to give your dog a "shot of life."

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