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June 28, 2001

Kenny and Mary Lou Simmons celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday at De Soto Baptist Church's Fellowship Hall.

Mary Lou had relatives from California and Springfield and Oak Grove, Mo.

Kenny's brother, Ben, and his son and family from Independence, Mo., were here, along with many friends from De Soto and Shawnee, making the attendance about 200 people.

The couple marked the special day with a repeat of their marriage vows with the Rev. Richard Copeland officiating. Mary Lou received a necklace and Kenny was given a ring.

The fellowship hall was beautifully decorated with candles and yellow roses. Punch and cake were served. Hank and Judy Freise were the photographers.

A quartet of the Reeves and Hodges sang "Always," the same song that was sung at their wedding.

Jeff Hodges sang "Because." Opening of the stained glass cross from the hostesses brought a lot of "ahs." Many more years together, we pray.

Bobbie Robinson returned to Olathe Medical Center on Thursday with severe stomach problems and pneumonia after being home almost a week from rehab.

Her granddaughter, Amy, from Girard, is helping to care for her. Robinson's hand was put in a cast after it had been damaged from the stroke.

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Gardner and granddaughter, Crystal, of Kansas City, Kan., visited Ila and Ruth Motzkus on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Weller returned Sunday evening from an antique auto convention in Breckenridge, Colo., after about 10 days on vacation.

Betty Crownover had a stroke and was in Olathe Medical Center last week but is now at Gardner rehab. Dee Richardson is in the hospital too.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Motzkus and daughter, Shawnee, visited Ila and Ruth Motzkus Sunday afternoon.

The Sportsman Club had a rifle shoot on Saturday, June 23 at Wilderness Park. It was an enjoyable time for the members.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Verrill and family, who had been here from Virginia visiting Roger's parents while he was on leave from the Navy, left Sunday to return to duty.

Treva Hill, former De Soto resident, and Mittie Pingleton who lives in an extended care unit in Overland Park, were able to attend the Simmons' 50th anniversary celebration. Pingleton is the mother of De Soto City Clerk Lana McPherson.

Dustin Brunner visited last Sunday with his grandmother Shirley and uncle David Brunner. He now lives in Wichita.

Gail Miller was in an auto accident last week in Olathe where she had gone for therapy. A car rammed her in the back and pushed her against the car in front of her. Her car was totaled. She was taken to Olathe Medical Center and then her grandson came and brought her home.

She has many stitches across her head from ear to ear, her left foot was injured and her face is bruised from hitting against the steering wheel.

Her sister, Margaret, from Omaha is staying with her now while she recovers.

Darlene Hackworth and Pat Weese went to Branson, Mo., and also to Sedalia, Mo., to pick up Hackworth's aunt. Her mother, from Kansas City, Kan., also went. They said they saw some good shows.

Several couples in the Methodist Church had anniversaries in June, including Bill and Mary Plummer, Nick and Diane Taylor, John and Sharon Zoellner, Doug and Audrey Thedeman, Paul and Stacy Thies, Brian and Kyleann Payne, Rich and Sandy Trump, Danny and Annette Tucker, Mike and Tammy Mikinski, Wes and Julie Rains, Clayton and Anita Harris, Tim and Stephanie Slitor, Roger and Carolyn Warren and Steve and Donna McCammon. Happy anniversaries to all.

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