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Crow keeps tabs on hometown

June 28, 2001

Ron Crow of De Soto wants the town to remember its history, like the opening of the McDonalds and the high school's athletic triumphs.

Crow, 29, a lifelong resident of De Soto, is currently working on the sixth volume of "Best of De Soto." He wanted residents to be aware of the recent history in the town and thought it was his obligation to chronicle any mention of De Soto in local newspapers or magazines.

Crow wrote the first "Best of De Soto" in 1988 at the age of 17.

"Cecile Culp wrote about the past whereas I wanted to write about the present and future of De Soto," Crow said. "People in the future can look back from when Cecile's book ended to when mine began."

Upon graduation from De Soto High School in 1991, Crow called his 1991 scrapbook entry, "the final chapter," but he decided it was still important for him to make records of De Soto history. Recently, Crow attended his 10-year high school reunion where he saw many of the people featured in his old scrapbooks.

"A lot of them left town but a lot them stayed," Crow said. "It was good seeing them all again."

Crow, who lives with his parents, Marcy and Ron Sr., is proud to be a resident of De Soto. He ran for City Council in 1998 and continues to stay active in the community as the photographer for the De Soto Chamber of Commerce. He also gets involved in city government, attending most city meetings. Crow also serves as a member of the De Soto Watermelon Festival Committee and the De Soto Enhancement Committee. He is pleased with the changes made concerning the Watermelon Festival in recent years.

"I like De Soto because it is a progressive town with room to grow," Crow said. "De Soto Days started as a birthday celebration for the town. When it changed to a four-day festival, it became the way I thought it should be."

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