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Young artist expands her canvas

June 21, 2001

It all started when Lexington Trails seventh grader Katie Davis,12, was painting temporary tattoos on her friends and a neighbor noticed. Before the neighbor knew it, she had a mural near the entrance of her De Soto home.

Davis, who is gaining recognition for her artwork from neighbors, friends and art teachers in De Soto, recently painted a mural of a unicorn and a rainbow inside the house of former Lexington Trails custodian and current neighbor Marilyn Etherton.

Etherton, who first discovered Davis' artwork in the halls of Lexington Trails Middle School and later viewed it on the arms of neighborhood children, decided that she simply couldn't turn down the offer to have a mural painted on her wall.

"I knew she was talented so I asked her to paint that blank wall for me," Etherman said. "Some kids did art projects 'cause they had to, but Katie's pictures have more detail."

Davis, who won an art award at Lexington Trails Middle School, said she has always enjoyed drawing and painting. Some of her work has been on display at the De Soto library. The detailed unicorn and rainbow mural took Davis between four and five hours to complete.

"It would be nice to do more murals," Davis said. "My mom taught me how to draw unicorns and my grandma taught me how to paint. I got to use both of them in that mural."

Davis' mother, Ann, said she is extremely proud of her daughter's artistic talent.

"She has always been artistic, ever since she could pick up a pencil," Ann Davis said. "She always does well in art at school."

In addition to being an artist, Katie enjoys playing the keyboard and sports such as football and volleyball, which she will compete in during the upcoming school year.

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