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Medallion found after quick hunt

July 26, 2001

Obviously, no medallion is safe from the eagle eyes of Jeff Broadbent.

The De Soto man put an early end to the Watermelon Festival medallion hunt when he discovered the wooden disc on the back of the city limits sign near Lexington Avenue and Commerce Drive. The Explorer's publisher, Dan Simon, hid the medallion.

Boardbent didn't claim his discovery was the result of his creative deconstruction of the clues released in last week's issue of the Explorer. "It was dumb luck," Broadbent said of his discovery. "My wife (Paula) saw a spot on the back of the sign when she drove by earlier. When I was driving from the jobsite to get a drink, I saw a spot and happened to check it out.

"When I saw the clue, it made sense."

Broadbent said he treated his family Tuesday to a day at Worlds of Fun with the $500 cash prize. Still, he said he was somewhat disappointed the quest for the medallion ended so quickly.

"A bunch of people were talking about putting together hunting parties to look for it," he said. "That would have been fun to watch."

The fun will continue. The hunt's sponsors have agreed to hide the medallion once again and offer a $100 prize for its discovery by a licensed hunter.

Simon vowed the second hunt would not end as quickly.

"I'm not going to put it in such a visible place," he said. "The clues won't give so much away this time."

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