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July 12, 2001

The front lawn at the De Soto Baptist Church was filled July 6 with the AB girls, their sponsors, moms and adults for a circle prayer as the girls were leaving for a state gathering at Hesston for a three-day conference.

Pat Weese was honored as an "angel" by the girls when they gave a rousing "angel" cheer and presented her an angel doll. She had treated the girls several times at their meetings with pizza and other goodies. The girls and 24 sponsors in all returned Sunday evening. Mary Jo McDaniel and Sherry Sullivan are the girls' leaders throughout the year.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor have had their grandson, Andy, and family from Florida visiting them. Andy, who is in the military service, was called back to be a pallbearer at his maternal grandparent's service.

Betty Crownover is still at Gardner Rehab Center. She needs our prayers after suffering a stroke three weeks ago.

My neighbors, Roger and Hazel Verrill, went to Waverly, Mo., and brought back some peaches. I was fortunate to have two different pieces of pie and also some fresh peaches given to me.

Larry Webb from Texas surprised his mother, Pansy Webb, and sister, Barbara Crim, on July 8 when he came home. It was Pansy's 85th birthday. Her grandchildren came on Saturday and brought a large bouquet of flowers. Then, Sunday evening, another grandson, Lance, had a cook-out for her.

Betty Hughey had her daughter Sherry Wilson and a granddaughter from Colorado for a visit. The granddaughter attended music camp at Kansas University. Gary Wilson came and drove home with them.

Pat Weese took Bessie Weese to Wichita on Friday, where they picked up an aunt and went to Parsons to attend the memorial services of the late Dannie Weese's brother from California. They returned to Wichita and attended the annual Weese family reunion on Sunday.

The De Soto Methodist Church held a patriotic celebration July 1 with Gil Rumsey sharing a message of "We the People." Special guest pianist was Leo Johns, a brother-in-law of the Rumseys. The Rev. Dennis Matthews is on vacation now.

Dee Richardson will turn 95 years, July 17. She is the oldest active member of the De Soto Methodist Church. A celebration will take place between worship services Sunday.

Debbie Chandler and her grandson Hayden went to see her cousin, Callie Stanford, Webb City, Mo., pitch on the Kansas City Laser's women's ball team on Sunday. Callie is a junior at Webb City High and pitches for this team in tourneys in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Missouri and Kansas. This is her third year with the team. She is also my great-niece.

Larry, Jennifer and their two daughters Ann Marie and Laura Motzkus of Shawnee visited with Ila and Ruth Motzkus Sunday afternoon. They had just returned from spending last week at Branson, Mo., to watch the shows. Shirley and Delbert Gardner of Kansas City, Kan., also visited them. They are taking their granddaughter Crystal back to Texas this week after she spent the summer with them.

The flowers in the sanctuary of the De Soto Baptist Church on July 8 were from the memorial services of Joseph Lemos this week. He was a grandson of June Davidson, son of Ann, and attended schools here.

While the Rev. Richard Copeland is on vacation, the guest speaker on July 22 will be the Rev. Tim McCrossen. Clausie Smith of Bonner Springs will be guest speaker July 29.

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