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City employees go above and beyond

January 18, 2001

Thank you for the accolades in last week's "Our View." I appreciated very much the kind words and the recognition as a Certified Municipal Clerk. It is my pleasure to serve the community as your city clerk. I remember the old adage, "It takes the whole village to raise a child." That is very true in my case. I look around me everyday and see people who have made my life richer by being a part of the legacy of my growing up in DeSoto. I thank Mayor Steve Prudden and the city council for believing in me and giving me the opportunity and the privilege to serve and represent you, the citizens of DeSoto.

However, it is the people who work at city hall who have helped me achieve the CMC designation. From the day I was appointed, the employees of the city have paved the way for me. The employees are one of the best assets this community has. They give their best daily in making our town a good place to live. They deserve the accolades. Without them, I could not do the job I do or leave the office to represent you and our city at various functions. When I came to city hall, I had to learn municipality procedures. My staff helped me step into some big shoes. Each day there are new challenges to meet and these employees are right beside me, helping me walk in those big shoes, and respond to the challenges.

Each city department is a team. Employees work diligently everyday at not only doing the job they were hired to do, but doing the "extras." We like to make people happy! City employees take pride in doing a job well. I can truly say that every employee works more hours for the city than he or she is paid for. We have the helpful, "hometown" attitude. Wherever we go or whatever we do, we answer city-related questions or try to resolve a problem, on or off the clock.

You never really understand what a job entails until you spend a few hours "hands-on." If a citizen were to come spend a few hours with a city employee, he would find sincere dedication in serving the needs of our city. Your city employees are qualified and well-trained. And, don't forget our excellent on-call fire department. These people dedicate many hours of their time, without pay, for the betterment of our city. They are always willing to assist us at city hall, and you, our citizens. Some of Johnson County's finest are represented on our hometown fire department.

Again, thank you, DeSoto Explorer, for your kind words. Thank you, citizens, for your cards and telephone calls. I sincerely appreciate your recognition of my accomplishment. It is the city employees, together, that make our city fortunate. Change and growth are coming to DeSoto. Rest assured all of us are prepared to face the challenges ahead and will give our best in making our city the brightest "rising star" in Kansas. I'm proud to be your city clerk and even prouder of the people who work with me in meeting the needs of our community. DeSoto is the best place to live.

Lana R. McPherson, CMC

DeSoto City Clerk

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