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Letter to the editor: Concerned citizens deserve equal time

April 19, 2001

I find Marge Morse's comments about an "educational experience" concerning Oz and her visit to Topeka recently most interesting, laughable and lacking at best.

It's sad that the news media does not give equal time to the common day citizens, but such is the New America.

I find her comments to be prejudiced and without substance. It's funny, I too made a few trips to the capitol building, but my reception by the majority of the Senate Commerce Committee members was far from the same. It was icy and cold - most unreceptive at best. It was a "closed door" policy - a non-listening session.

I find it amusing (actually repulsive) that all the economic reps and lobbyists seem to have no trouble getting the attention of select legislators in Topeka.

But when a citizen off the streets voices negative views toward an issue like the wicked Oz as do the majority of Johnson County citizens and taxpayers doors close very quickly.

It's pathetic and pitiful that someone like former Kansas senator Bud Burke, the granddaddy of all lobbyists and chief Oz sycophant, can push buttons at anytime to advance their agenda, but the voices of the "little people" are smothered.

If this is how business is to be conducted in America for the future? If so, then we are all in big time trouble boys and girls.

There were three gentlemen allowed to made a fantastic no nonsense, common sense presentation against the Oz project (inclusive of former Kansas Governor John Anderson) before the commerce committee but you never read about them or their comments in the world of print.

Make no mistake, the world of greedy big business and special interest groups trumps common sense and the "will of the people" every time. Sad but true.

The Kansas legislators have turned a deaf ear to their electorate but seem to have no trouble listening to the money and power of corporation corporate welfare. Many of these uninformed reps aren't even from our county yet decide our fate. Amazing.

It appears that citizens of Johnson County will have to waste even more of their hard earned taxpayer dollars on a feasibility study that should have been completed from the get go. Sickening. Kory and his renegade of bandits have already scammed Wyandotte County of over a half million dollars for such a study of which they have never paid back. And they're going to advance another in our county without prior payback? Go figure it out.

This private/public partnership that Kory so proudly brags about continually is free gratis for his misadventure. His dream, our nightmare! It's still a land scam/scheme no matter how you slice it, dice it or turn it upside down.

I fear for America's future when I see our misguided representatives being so reckless with our future. It's scary folks, really scary.

Robert Haggerton, Overland Park

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