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Spring cleaning includes community cleaning


April 5, 2001

Finally. The warmer weather in the last week has helped our cabin fever as it looks like the six-month winter is loosening its grip on our fair city. Listen closely and you'll hear folks talking about crazy things like gardening and golfing. Over the weekend, lots of people were probably going through their garages and basements, getting the garage sale items organized and making lists of spring projects to be finished. But while you're trying to get your own house in order, we've got a suggestion: clean up the outdoor house we all live in as well. Let's try to pick up the trash along the streets and make DeSoto a more beautiful place.

If you walk or run for exercise, you know exactly what we mean. Whether its broken beer bottles haphazardly discarded (certainly not by high school kids trying to hit signs), papers that mysteriously blew out of car windows or leftover fast food bags dropped (perhaps in the interest of feeding the starving birds that didn't quite make it south for the winter), any trash on the side of the road is too much.

Occasionally you'll see work-release "volunteers" cleaning up along K-10. Service and church groups are usually good for a once or twice a year clean-up effort. But keeping our city free of litter is more than a once or twice a year project. It should be a daily effort. As you're out walking or exercising the dog, take a grocery bag along and pick up what you can. Community pride starts with you.

While we're at it, we've got an idea for non-profits, schools and others looking for handouts from the business community: in exchange for a donation, offer to help clean up around town. This way, the kids learn a good civics lesson, the business benefits by making DeSoto a more attractive place to live in and do business and locals see the good our kids are doing.

Finally, (we'll get off the soapbox and clean it when we're done), we'll say one thing to you smokers out there: put your butts where they belong. Here's a hint: it's not directly out your window. If the idea of having smoldering butts in your car while you're rolling around town repulses you, maybe you should consider a new habit in the first place. But thousands of cigarette butts around town is disgusting. Make the smallest of effort and put your butt where it belongs: in the trash.

Spring is a time when everything is fresh and new. The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming and with a little effort, the trash bags will be filling. Take an hour to clean up and our hometown will be an even better place to live.

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