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Letter to the Editor:

September 21, 2000

I want to thank all of the people who contributed in making my dream to Washington D.C. a success. I also want to thank all the people who helped in the fundraising efforts. Without everyone's help I never would have been able to go. THANK YOU ALL.

While in Washington, I participated in a 3-day convention with thousands of poets from around the world. I met people from Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Jordan, South Africa, Pakistan and of course the United States. A multitude of thoughts, words and feelings came together as one.

On Friday August 18, I received the International Poet of Merit Award, the Poet of Merit Award in the Poet of the Year contest and also that evening was inducted into the Society of Poets. My poem "Ireland" is now included with thousands of others on the World's Largest Poem for Peace which will someday stretch around the world. This honor alone exceeded my wildest dreams. There were coffee shop type readings of poetry, question and answer sessions with members of the International Society of Poets staff, who are accomplished poets in their own right.

Saturday morning was set aside for sightseeing of Washington, then more sessions with fellow poets and the second dinner banquet. Sunday morning we heard from the ten finalists in the Poet of the Year competition and the Youth Finalist. The worldwide Poetry Bash followed and was shown live on the internet. Good-byes were said and 3,000 people returned to their lives of working, family and writing poetry.

Cass Farell, DeSoto

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