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Lucky numbers

DeSoto couple strikes it rich in lottery

November 30, 2000

Lori and Rodger Murdock don`t think of themselves as particularly lucky.

Still, when the Powerball lottery jackpot started creeping up over $60 million recent, Rodger decided to try his luck.

While he didn`t hit the big jackpot, Rodger did match five numbers correctly. It was a 1-in-nearly 2 million stroke of luck that won the Murdocks a $100,000 prize. The ticket also proved lucky for the DeSoto Apple Market, which received $1,000 from the Kansas Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

Rodger said he didn`t know what he had won when he compared his ticket to the Lottery numbers Sunday, Nov. 19.

"I called my father out in Garden City and asked if he knew what you won if you matched five numbers but not the Powerball. He said ou don`t have that, do you?` I told him my numbers, and he drove to Dillon`s to see if I won," Rodger said.

Rodger came very close to hitting the jackpot. The Powerball number that Sunday was 32 and Rodger said he had 28.

Rodger and Lori said they don`t dwell on the near miss, but are thankful for the $100,000. Both, however, said they would be vacationing somewhere had they hit the jackpot.

Jane Elliott, public affairs officer for the Kansas Lottery, said Rodger is in many ways a typical Powerball player. Many Kansans only buy tickets when the Powerball jackpot starts to climb. With a jackpot of $130 million, Elliott expects a lot of people bought tickets for Wednesday`s Powerball drawing.

The Murdocks were the 265th Kansans to win the $100,000 prize since the Lottery started in 1992. Sixteen other Kansans have won the Powerball jackpot or its predecessor, Lotto America, Elliott said.

It would improve the state revenue picture if a Kansan won the present large jackpot, Murdock said. The state takes 5 percent of all winnings in taxes, and the federal government grabs 28 percent, she said.

The Murdocks already have a check minus taxes. The couple plans to save most of the winnings for their children`s college, but agree some might be used to make this Christmas special.

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