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Incumbent defeats Phill Kline to regain Congressional seat

November 9, 2000

Olathe- Rep. Dennis Moore won reelection to Congress Tuesday with the tried and tested formula.

Just as he did two years ago when he upset incumbent Vince Snowbarger for the 3rd District Congressional seat, the Democrat Moore stayed close in heavily Republican Johnson County while winning big elsewhere in the district.

This time, Moore used the formula to defeat another conservative Republican, State Rep. Phill Kline of Shawnee.

"Its very similar to two years ago," Moore said. "I think it is a clear message that Democrats, independents and moderate Republicans in the district want moderate, nonpartisan representation in Washington."

Moore earned 45 percent of the Johnson County vote. Although he lost his home county by 14,000 votes, Moore more than compensated by winning Wyandotte County by 18,000. A 3,500 vote majority in Douglas County helped assure Moores reelection.

Incomplete and unofficial tallies gave Moore 137,655 votes for 51 percent. Kline received 131,137, and Libertarian Chris Mina 8,358.

If Moores reelection formula was familiar, so was his victory speech.

"As I said two years ago, I will support Republican ideas when I think they are right and Democratic ideas when I think they are right," he said.

Kline did not return phone calls Tuesday night.

The race turned negative in its final weeks as Klines campaign ran ads accusing the former prosecutor Moore of being soft on sexual predators and drunk drivers.

"I really hope and believe this is a message voters of the 3rd District reject personal attacks and negative campaigns," the congressman said. "My biggest disappointment in the campaign is that we could have had an honest debate of the issues that separate Phill and myself."

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