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City council reaches Habitat compromise
June 22, 2000
DeSoto City Council members bent but would not break Thursday night, giving Kaw Valley Habitat for Humanity about one third of what it was asking for from the city.
Council holds bull session
June 22, 2000
As one resident asked DeSoto City Council members to reconsider an ordinance regulating pit bull dogs in the city, two residents asked them to create one regulating bulls of the bovine variety.
Court Awareness
Hail Mary’ restricted by U.S. Supreme Court to on-field play
June 22, 2000
Although the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that allowing students to lead a stadium in prayer before football games violated the separation of church and state rule required by the constitution, the ruling will not likely affect the athletes at DeSoto High.
Oz requests draw criticism from above
June 22, 2000
Recent developments surrounding the proposed Wonderful World of Oz Theme Park and Resort have drawn criticism from some local officials and residents.
District’s next school to take new approach
June 22, 2000
DeSoto school board members are considering a new approach in building the district’s next elementary school.
An Academy for fun
June 22, 2000
The DeSoto school year ended last month, but the halls in area schools were not empty for long.
Resolution nears in KDHE’s case against wastewater plant
June 22, 2000
The first of three orders issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment against Kansas Waste Water Inc. will come closer to a settlement later this month.
Letter to the editor: City needs to take time to read and understand Oz
June 22, 2000
In the time it takes to read this sentence, many of the people reading will have turned their attention to something else.
7-on-7: More than a passing fancy
June 22, 2000
It’s June. It’s hot. The field is smaller. The roster is shorter and there are no pads and no helmets. But it is football, and Saturday the “boys of summer” will be playing football, not baseball.
Paul Gray
June 22, 2000
Council mulls 75 percent abatement
June 22, 2000
DeSoto City Council members expected Rehrig Pacific officials to ask for a tax abatement, they just didn’t expect it to come after the company had already broken ground on its plastics processing plant.
I swear: it was still a fun round of golf
June 22, 2000
Every golfer knows the feeling of a miss-hit after a big drive. You crank one down the fairway on a short par five and know you can reach it in two.
Gardner: It’s not Pebble Beach, but not bad, either
Johnson County course has come a long way in 11 years
June 22, 2000
About 11 years ago, Jim Pruitt bought a nine hole golf course. The course was typical of small town Kansas courses: sand greens and a wide open shooting gallery that left participants ducking for cover as the holes ran back and forth.
Oz details come to fore
Theme park documents contain a few surprises
June 22, 2000
Details surrounding the transfer of the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant to the Oz Entertainment Co. were released last week, shedding new light on the multi-million dollar project.
A territorial issue gets explosive
June 22, 2000
Jim Oyler Jr. said he would sell fireworks from his DeSoto area property despite a letter from Johnson County officials ordering him not to do so.
Hoop Dream
DeSoto junior hones his skills on AAU court
June 22, 2000
The fluorescent lights illuminate the hardwood floor like a spotlight on the lead actor. An experienced player but a newcomer to the high school scene, DeSoto’s Cody Ptacek had the overwhelming feeling all of his hard work would someday pay off.