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Relay for Life battled cancer, celebrated life


June 15, 2000

If the town is still a bit sleepy this week, it's understandable. It takes a while to make up for a lost night of sleep.

But when the lost sleep comes for a noble cause, you won't find much complaining.

DeSoto turned out in force last Friday night and many stayed into Saturday morning to aid in the most worthwhile cause there is: Life.

DeSoto's third annual Relay for Life went off without a hitch. Hundreds of people got together and raised thousands of dollars for cancer research.

This community should feel proud.

It should be proud that community members gathered in mass for a cause. It put aside its differences and came together for the common good of all. Sad that it takes something like cancer to bring people together, but it was still heart-warming to see.

Perhaps it's because cancer is something that doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care about color, religion or political affiliation. It is equally cruel to everyone.

To prove its lack of care for who it affects, it has touched the lives of virtually everyone.

That's what made DeSoto's Relay for Life so special. It was a true and sincere show of solidarity against a cruel and vicious killer.

It was a sight to behold.

Watching those who have fought cancer and will continue to battle the dreaded disease take an emotional lap around the Lexington Trails Middle School track should serve as a reminder to us all that life is a precious gift that needs to be celebrated.

DeSoto's relay was just that a celebration of life. The battle against cancer will continue, but nights like the one last week give an indication that this is truly a fight that together can be won.

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