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Is hack bringing another down to his level?

June 15, 2000

OK, so now you know my story. I'm a golf hack who is enamored with watching how far I can hit the ball. Trouble is, in order to play golf well, you have to hit it straight, which certainly hasn't been my strong suit this year.

Enter Tomahawk Hills Golf Course, which offers no relief no Shawnee redemption for players like myself.

It is narrow. Really narrow with trees everywhere and thick rough that makes finding your ball a sometimes-frustrating endeavor.

Add to this the fact that the boss, publisher Dan Simon, my weekly golf partner, decided he wanted to play this course from the tips and you begin to understand what kind of day it was.

Yes, I shot a season-high 102 and donated at least a half-dozen balls to the golf gnomes, who live in the forest and come out at night to collect stray golf balls, which reminds me of a story an intern told me the other day.

Oh, never mind. That's a story for another time. On with the day of golf.

Dan and I haven't figured it out. He is one of those golfers with all the tools. A pretty swing,

a love for the game and a brand-new set of sticks. But his 92 at Tomahawk is a pretty good indication that he's not playing very well.

I was always told playing with someone better would make me better, but after two weeks it is becoming clear that instead of me improving, I am dragging Dan down to my level.

At least that's what he is accusing me of doing.

To hear him whine about it, you'd think I'd really done something. It's not like I'm hitting rocks with his new sticks or talking while he's in the middle of a backswing.

I find it hard to believe that my horrible swing can be rubbing off on him, but who am I to argue with the powers of Osmosis?

I'll have you know that I made some memorable shots at Tomahawk. If I truly was rubbing off on Dan, perhaps he could have made some equally memorable shots.

Here are a few examples:

The first came on the par-4, 380-yard third hole when my drive was hit low probably too low to clear the creek that intersects the fairway.

Not to worry. My drive struck the block of wood that comprises half of the women's tee box. The heavy block of wood came out of the ground and spun in midair before falling to the ground near my ball, which stayed dry.

Just like I drew it up in the playbook.

Later in the round, I was pitching from about 10 yards off the green on the 14th hole. I got a little too much of the ball, however, and sent a line drive right at the stick. Fortunately, the heave nylon flag got in the way of the ball, caught it and knocked it down just a few feet from the hole.

Another fortunate break.

These little breaks, coupled with a couple of long putts salvaged a day worth forgetting.

It wasn't exactly the kind of confidence builder I was looking for going into a week of golfing in Hawaii (hey, somebody has to do it), but I won't let that deter me in my quest to become a better golfer.

Fortunately, we weren't competing against anyone this week. We still are looking for guest twosomes to play a round of golf with us this summer. If interested drop us a line.

Not to sound desperate or anything like that, but we really are a lot of fun.

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