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City considering plan to give tax breaks for improvements

June 15, 2000

DeSoto City Council is considering a neighborhood revitalization program that would offer residents a tax break for improvements to homes or businesses in the town's historic district.

The council will hold a public hearing on a proposed neighborhood revitalization program during the city's regular council meeting, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 15, at city hall.

The city is working with county and school officials to offer residents a rebate on property taxes for improvements to homes or businesses in the town's historic district that increase their appraised value by $5,000 or more. The tax rebate would be awarded for five years on residential improvements and 10 years on business improvements.

As an example, a homeowner making a $20,000 improvement with a mill levy of 60 would save $124.20 a year for five years, City Administrator Gerald Cooper said.

Because DeSoto residents also pay property tax to Johnson County, the county library district, the county parks and recreation department and the school district, the city needs their cooperation to make the program worthwhile to residents, Cooper said.

The taxing entities have responded favorably to the city's plan, Cooper told council members at their last meeting, and would make final decisions after the public hearing.

City officials have defined the town's historic district as the area beginning at Lexington Avenue, going north along Kickapoo Street to 84th Street, west along 84th Street to Lakeview Drive, north along Lakeview Drive to the Santa Fe Railroad, east along the railroad to Kaw Drive and south along Kaw Drive, back to Lexington Avenue.

Council members are also expected to make a decision Thursday night regarding the city's policy on pit bull dogs.

DeSoto resident Andy Clemmer has asked the council to reconsider a city ordinance that places restrictions on owning the dog breed within city limits.

In other business, the council will:

Å' consider a tax-abatement request from Rehrig Pacific. The company is building an 80,000-square-foot plastics processing plant in DeSoto, along the K-10 Corridor. Rehrig representatives have said they will seek a 75 percent tax abatement on the land and building.

Å' consider a request for a new tornado siren.

Å' consider a request for school crossing signals.

Å' consider bids for renovations of the old junior high school.

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