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School board approves new school design
July 20, 2000
Concerns over the budget and rapid growth in the school district prompted the DeSoto Board of Education to decide Monday night to stay the course when designing the district’s next elementary school.
Beating the heat
July 20, 2000
Mediation service is good idea if the price is right
July 20, 2000
In this day where two paychecks are becoming necessary for the average family to get by, many things have been lost, including a sense of knowing one’s neighbors.
Kyler Michael Gish
July 20, 2000
Thieves claim to be police, rob family
July 20, 2000
Two men posing as police officers robbed a DeSoto family at home early Tuesday morning.
Teen rides ‘Comet’ to world show
Mill Valley senior to compete in national equestrian event
July 20, 2000
A simple love for horses has turned into a way of life for Erin Zirbel.
Number crunching: City worker could fall prey to new budget
July 20, 2000
DeSoto officials agreed to eliminate one position in the city’s street department next year and create a position for a parks and recreation manager.
Increased spending
School district estimates $5 million bump from 1999’s working budget
July 20, 2000
As school district officials expected, the proposed operating budget for the DeSoto School District increased significantly from last year.
Behind the wheel
DeSoto students get an education in driving
July 20, 2000
Bob Reeves has grown accustomed to looking at the world from the passenger seat.