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Johnson County Libray lost a quality person in Terri Ellis

Letter to the Editor

July 6, 2000

This is a different type of letter to the editor. I think sometimes we need to vent and say what's in our hearts. I feel DeSoto has been given a very big blow a short time ago, and after thinking about this for a while, I decided to put my thoughts on paper.

Recently, our DeSoto librarian, Terri Ellis, felt it necessary to give her resignation as our librarian.

This came after 17 years of service to the Johnson County Library, with many of those years spent at DeSoto. I worked with Terri for many years and a strong friendship was formed and I was truly blessed to have her as a co-worker, and mostly a friend.

Terri didn't leave our community of her own desire. (Although we will be told that by the library system). Terri, who had always met her job expectations, gave above and beyond what was written in her job description.

How many of you reading this have had her take her own time to help you with research when doing a term paper or looking for important information? If she couldn't find the answer right away, she would do research until she did find what was needed, if it was at all obtainable. How many of you just needed a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to?

And you knew what you said would go no further. Do any of you remember her caring enough to carry someone's books to their vehicle when they couldn't?

I remember her doing all these things and being glad she could be of service to each of us and to our community. To many of us, this is what a small town library is all about.

Terri left because she had to. She wasn't first nor will she be the last to suffer this if we continue to just accept what county departments hand us.

We would all speak up if they wanted to build a new facility in our neighborhood. I think it is time to let county officials know how we feel about the employees they place in our community! Most of the time change can be positive and for the good.

Occasionally, it is not, and then it is our responsibility to speak up for what is right. I am appalled at the actions of the Johnson County Library and would encourage the patrons of DeSoto Library to speak up. Come on folks, it's time to let county officials know how we feel!

Sharon L. Price

Clearview City

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