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Two DHS Dazzlers Citrus Bowl-bound

December 14, 2000

Sweat dripping. Sore muscles. Tear stained cheeks. These are the feelings you would have felt if you were a DeSoto High School Dazzler at the end of summer camp in July.

The tears were not sad ones though. They were tears of joy, accomplishment and admiration. We had done something never done before in DeSoto history.

As a team, it completed a weeklong camp not only as dancers but also as a color guard. This year because of the split of the high school, DeSoto High School had to combine the dance team and flag teams if we were to have a team at all.

At first, the girls were not too thrilled. Some said that they would quit. Others said they would not pick up poms or a flag. But by the end of the camp, we all had a tremendous change of heart. They began to realize how much work we had to put in to be dancers. They also found out how much work and strength it took to twirl and flip a flag.

At the camp, the DeSoto Dazzlers earned three Blue Superior rating ribbons, which is the highest accomplishment attainable.

In addition, seven members were chosen All-Star All-American Performers by Marching Auxiliaries. They were Stephanie Bohrer, senior, Danielle Bryan, freshman, Jessica Coffindaffer, senior, Cassie Garza, freshman, Stephanie Kroemer, senior and Andrina Parker, junior.

This high honor means we showed talent, the desire to succeed, hours of training and a commitment to excellence.

Upon receiving this honor, the seven of us were invited to perform at the halftime show of the highly acclaimed Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla., over New Year's. Although seven were chosen, only Bohrer and Parker will attend. They leave separately for Florida to meet again on Dec. 28 for tour orientation and they will enjoy swimming in the pool and other fun activities to meet the other girls and guys they will be spending the next five days with. On the 29th, the cast will have a strenuous rehearsal and is invited to an Island-style Pool Party. Imagine swimming outdoors in the dead of winter.

The two girls will be visiting Walt Disney World in between rehersals. They will be celebrating New Year's Eve at Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure.

On New Year's Day they will perform at halftime of the Citrus Bowl in front of 70,000 people and more than 15 million viewers.

If that is not enough Take 5, a rising teen band, will provide music for the performers and spectators' enjoyment. Afterward, there will be a post game video and dance party.

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