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Lingle did what was best for DeSoto for 19 years


August 10, 2000

Johnna Lingle's run of nearly 20 years as a Johnson County Commissioner came to a close last Tuesday night when she was upset by Susie Wolf in the primary election.

It's a stunning end to this chapter in Lingle's political career, but it will never be deemed her defining moment.

Hardly. Lingle has served Johnson County and its citizens for two decades and she has played a role in the county's growth from a string of sparsely populated agricultural towns to its current lofty position as the economic engine for the entire state.

Lingle did her job well.

Her dedication to the job paid big dividends.

That meant sometimes that she had to make the tough decisions. Lingle wasn't always the most popular person in DeSoto. Her stance on recent issues like the fire district and Oz were deemed by some of our civic leaders to be patronizing sort of like the older sibling seeing to it that no one took advantage of the younger, smaller and more vulnerable child.

Today, we thank Lingle for her protective ways.

At times, she seemed to be overly protective, but she was doing what she felt was best.

It's hard to argue with her line of thinking. DeSoto is a town that will experience a great deal of growth in the coming years. But DeSoto is not yet prepared to handle such an influx in population. Its infrastructure is badly antiquated. It is in need of its own police department and there isn't enough business and industry to provide these services without taxing the citizens out of their homes.

Someday, DeSoto will be ready for it with or without Oz.

In the meantime, we appreciate that there are people like Lingle looking out for DeSoto's best interest. We hope that Wolf uses the same kind of commitment and unyielding determination in tending to the best needs of Johnson County and DeSoto in general.

She is new to the political game and she has a lot to learn, but we are comfortable she will work hard to develop into a solid county commissioner.

One thing is certain: She has some large shoes to fill.

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