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O’Connor takes step toward state senate

August 3, 2000

Kay O'Connor said hard work fueled her victory over incumbent Rich Becker in Tuesday's ninth district state senate election.

She defeated Becker with 51.3 percent of the vote. She said she won both her and Becker's precinct.

"I was walking from door-to-door for six weeks," she said. "As far as I could tell he was not walking door-to-door."

"Perhaps he was resting on his name recognition."

O'Connor will now face Democrat Jeffery Emrick in the general election Nov. 7. If elected as the senator, she said she would continue to fight for lower taxes and more control for citizens rather than government.

"All I know is I'll do my best," she said.

Education is also a major issue O'Connor said she will be concerned with. Improved management and increased control by parents are two methods she said she will endorse.

O'Connor presented a 10-point presentation last year aimed at cost-free solutions to educational problems.

"We need to improve education without just throwing money at it," she said.

O'Connor was elected to the Kansas State House of Representatives in 1992. She said the Senate is too liberal, and she said she will try to push her conservative platform.

"It's the job of every legislator to convince other legislators of your position," she said. "I'll continue to do that."

O'Connor has been involved in her community, church and public school programs. She has been a homemaker for 15 years.

Becker has been a member of Lenexa's City Council, was Lenexa's mayor for 12 years and spent one year in the House of Representatives. Becker was elected to the senate position in 1996.

Although O'Connor said working hard until election night helped her slide past Becker, she said she could not have done it alone.

"I also owe a great deal of thanks to my army of volunteers," she said.

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