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Coming up with an Oz contingency smart move


August 3, 2000

It's good to see DeSoto's civic leaders making appropriations in the budget in the event that the Wonderful World of Oz Theme Park and Resort is to become a reality in the fall.

Oz will change the dynamics and economic landscape of the DeSoto we currently occupy. That the city has left itself some "cushion room," in the soon-to-be-passed budget is sound thinking by City Administrator Gerald Cooper.

The city has put together a list of things it will need when and if Oz is passed. Included in this list is another full-time receptionist at City Hall to answer all Oz-related questions. While we question whether the city should be the one to fund the position, that officials there are taking measures to put a plan in place is the sign of good planning. That will be necessary in the event that Oz becomes a reality.

But it will happen so quickly that the only way to succeed is to be ready for it.

Nobody knows for sure what the impact of a 16,000-vistior-per-day high-tech amusement park will be on tiny DeSoto. It's safe to say that with the amusement park will come a great deal more growth, both residential and commercial.

With this growth will come the need for city expansion from more police and fire to city maintenance workers to improved infrastructures. DeSoto is taking small steps to get ready for the possible Oz invasion. Albeit, these are small steps, but they are in the right direction, which makes it noteworthy.

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