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In celebration of that rite of passage: Prom Night

April 20, 2000

DeSoto's high school juniors and seniors took part in prom festivities last week. They put on rented tuxedos and evening gowns, rode in limousines, ate in fancy restaurants and danced the night away.

Most important, they were safe.

The DeSoto Explorer would like to give a tip of the hat to everyone who volunteered their time and services to ensure that our high school-age children were safe on prom night. the after-prom party was the perfect solution to the obvious alternative: The children staying out all night and somehow finding trouble.

Prom is a special time in the maturing process of teens. In many cases, it is their first taste of freedom. Curfews are lifted. Our children are treated as adults. Unfortunately, that all too often has meant the presence of alcohol.

The after-prom party was designed to give the children a chance to stay up long past curfew, while staying in an environment that fostered safety and just as important was fun. After all, if it wasn't fun, it doesn't matter how safe the party. No one would attend.

Kudos to everyone who volunteered their time for such a worthwhile endeavor. The children are our greatest treasures.

Giving them every opportunity to succeed in life should be a priority. It's nice to see that is the case in DeSoto.

Also, here's to the kids who attended prom and the post-prom fun. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and savored a special evening.

Trust us, someday you'll look back on it and say, "What a great time. I can't believe I wore that."

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