Documents 2009

Documents for June 2009

Greater Shawnee Mission Park Area
June 11, 2009
An aerial photo of the park boundaries
Staff recommendations for deer management in Shawnee Mission Park
June 11, 2009
Johnson County Park and Recreation District staff members have made their suggestions for culling overpopulated deer from Shawnee Mission Park.
Deer-car traffic accidents attachment
June 11, 2009
Year-by-year look at traffic accidents involving deer in Shawnee Mission Park.
Deer management options
June 11, 2009
A list of pros and cons for options to cull the deer herd in Shawnee Mission Park.
Kansas County Health Rankings 2009
June 2, 2009
"Kansas County Health Rankings 2009" is the first of what are expected to be periodic updates on the relative health of Kansas residents by location.