About the De Soto Explorer

The De Soto Explorer Web site is published by The World Company. De Soto office: 645 New Hampshire St. Lawrence, KS 66044.

Laura Herring, Journo

The De Soto Explorer will be venturing into a new form of Web-based community journalism. The new desotoexplorer.com will strive to be the voice of the De Soto community. Leading the effort will be Laura Herring, a 2010 graduate of the University of Missouri.

The Web site will take advantage of the latest in multimedia, including photos, audio and video as well as downloadable documents, to tell stories about the community. The new medium will allow the news to get out to the public much faster than in print.

The new desotoexplorer.com will also use social media to connect with and deliver information that is important to the community. News from The Explorer also can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/desotoexplorer and on Twitter at twitter.com/desotoexplorer.